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Quicken Loans sues DOJ, HUD for “shake down”

Quicken Loans says it has had all it can stand, and it can’t stand anymore. So they’re taking the government to court over what it

April 31, 2015 Real Estate

FHFA: Current G-Fees Are at an Appropriate Level, Only Modest Adjustments Needed

When considering adjustments to G-fees for certain categories of loans, FHFA took into account the decision (also announced Friday) to enhance the eligibility standards for

April 15, 2015 Real Estate

Ocwen announces amendment to its senior secured term loan

Ocwen Financial announced late Friday that it entered into an amendment on its senior secured term loan that will go into effect on Monday, April

April 18, 2015 Real Estate

FHFA leaving g-fees alone, revising primary mortgage insurance requirements

The Federal Housing Finance Agency is leaving g-fees largely alone but it is revising requirements for private mortgage insurance companies that insure mortgage loans either

April 12, 2015 Real Estate

Court filing reveals name of anonymous whistleblower in Zillow/Move lawsuit

A new filing in the ongoing lawsuit between Zillow and Move names the anonymous whistleblower: the former Zillow Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. Want more?

April 57, 2015 Real Estate

Delinquency Decline Helps Bank of America Reach $3.4 Billion Q4 Net Income

In its Q1 2015 earnings report released Wednesday, Bank of America reported a net income of $ 3.4 billion, or 27 cents per diluted share,

April 50, 2015 Real Estate
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