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Homebuilder confidence rises in April on spring weather

Builder confidence in the market for newly built, single-family homes in April rose significantly. Rose-tinted glasses, or a knowing confidence? We’ll see soon. News feed

April 36, 2015 Real Estate

HUD Awards $36 Million in Housing Counseling Grants to Prevent Foreclosures

HUD estimates that the money they provide in grants, combined with other funds they plan to leverage, will assist more than a million and a

April 20, 2015 Real Estate

DS News Webcast: Tuesday 4/14/2015

Following a disappointing year for housing in 2014, analysts expect housing to rebound in 2015 and reach a point of “sustainable recovery,” according to a

April 56, 2015 Real Estate

Lawmakers Ask CFPB to Delay Enforcement of TILA-RESPA

Two Republican lawmakers have written a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director asking for the delay of the combined Truth in Lending Act

April 16, 2015 Real Estate

Lambert Announces Departure from Treasury’s Making Home Affordable Program

Lambert was instrumental in starting Treasury’s Making Home Affordable Program (MHA) in 2009, which the government began in response to the devastating financial crisis of

April 46, 2015 Real Estate

Move: Anonymous whistleblower appears to confirm fears of data theft by Zillow

Move and the National Association of Realtors appear to have just dropped a bomb on Zillow, saying in a court filing that it received a

April 45, 2015 Real Estate
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