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Agency First-Time Buyer Index Shows Mortgage Loans Are Becoming Riskier

Risk layering is largely responsible for the increase in risk on mortgage loans taken out by first-time buyers, according to AEI. Seventy percent of first-time

May 42, 2015 Real Estate

Barclays mortgage bond trader fired for allegedly lying to clients

Barclays Capital fired one of its mortgage bond traders after he allegedly lied to clients about residential mortgage-backed securities trades. News feed

May 19, 2015 Real Estate

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Time to cut the MLS cord?

TILA-RESPA and TRID are closing in – are you ready? Plus how weak is the recovery, will housing pull it through, and you say you

May 47, 2015 Real Estate

DS News Webcast: Tuesday 5/26/2015

The national percentage of residential single-family properties that were REO was 10 percent as of February 2015, which is five times its pre-crisis share of

May 47, 2015 Real Estate

Former Dallas Cowboy out of prison after serving 3 years for mortgage fraud

A former Dallas Cowboys player is out of federal prison after serving three years for taking part in a $ 20 million mortgage fraud scheme,

May 21, 2015 Real Estate

REO Share Still Way Above ‘Normal’ Levels in Many Metros

In CoreLogic’s May 2015 MarketPulse released earlier this week, Boesel examined the question of whether or not REO share was headed back toward “a more

May 34, 2015 Real Estate
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