Realty Networks Solutions’ investment group is seeking non-performing residential mortgage notes nationwide. Our team works ethically, compassionately and systematically to redevelop communities affected by declining market values and a struggling economy…one home at a time.

We know that some homeowners may have fallen behind on their mortgage payments due to a temporary financial setback such as unexpected medical bills, job loss or a divorce. We are committed to helping them get back on track.

Since we buy at DEEP discounts and have more flexibility than a traditional bank, we can approve loan modification requests quickly and relieve the stress and anxiety that homeowners feel when they fear that they will lose their home to foreclosure.

Unfortunately, some owners decided to just walk away and simply abandon their house. Acquiring these distressed assets will eradicate vacant a.k.a “Zombie” homes so that communities across America can flourish.

We are pledging to ….

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Homeowners AVOID losing their home to foreclosure!


Why are we buying these distressed assets?

Extensive experience in dealing with the loss mitigation departments at major banks during short sale negotiation is what led to the launch of Realty Network Solutions’ investment group. In many cases, bureaucracy and algorithms were causing people to lose their homes to foreclosure despite valiant efforts to remedy the situation. Instead of continuing to be frustrated with the process, we took action and decided to cut out the middle man. Now instead of complaining about the bank…we are the bank! This is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many families across the nation. We invite you to learn more about our efforts to acquire distressed assets and revitalize communities nationwide. Visit our sister-site for details.

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